Cocoa Pollination for Optimised Production

Specific objective of the CocoaPOP project:

To conduct research into cocoa pollination that will improve yields of cocoa through the optimisation of fruit setting and seed production throughout the year.

CocoaPOP aims to make cocoa production more environmentally sustainable and more resilient to the impacts of extreme climatic events and climate variability. The project will carry out field trials that show cocoa yield increases through higher natural pollination, and this will ultimately mean that water and energy resources can be conserved by reducing the pressure on additional plantation needs. Higher yields from existing plantations reduces the need to expand plantations by converting natural forest.


Research activities will provide training opportunities for Caribbean researchers, scientific skills transfer and capacity building as well as the integration of teams across institutions and countries to improve international linkages. CocoaPOP will strengthen research and technology on cocoa pollination, focus on current constraints and link strongly to the needs of end users, civil society and community entrepreneurs.